Mike Butler Architectural Photo
Interior and exterior architectural imagery like nothing else in the industry.


Mike Butler 

Beginning in 1991 in Bangkok Thailand, Mike first learned the concepts of photography through the powerful medium of B&W. There he photographed the raw and un-edited scenes of the Bangkok streets, where the exceptional was an everyday occurrence. In his recent work, Mike brings years of deep technical understanding, avant-garde lighting, and keen composition skills to bear on his commercial projects. These projects birth images that win clients awards, get internationally published and in many cases are considered art pieces in themselves. When photographing personal projects, Mike adapts these highly structured commercial elements to more complex logistical scene. Whether is be camping with generators and lighting at 13,000 feet or traveling through the complex and dangerous streets of third world countries to photograph under armed security, Mike is always pushing the limit in both his commercial and personal work. Mike's creative mind extends to the realm of video production and he is a FAA certified 107 commercial drone pilot so no shot is ever missed.  

Mike’s exquisite lighting work, sculpt the spaces bringing up the true essence of the space
— Fania Castro, F5 creative Studio


Non profit work
Mike always seen the world a bit differently than most.  He sees the world for what it is, and sees people for whom they are, without the faux gloss that is often times painstakingly applied to cover the obvious flaws and cracks.  It is with this vision of the world that he brought together a group of very talented creative minds to tackle a problem often glossed over and forgotten. After a trip to the outskirts of Bogota, Colombia, Mike Co-Founded the Elastic Mind Project, a nonprofit organization dedicated to eradicate poverty by means of educative programs aimed to help children in disenfranchised communities. Elastic Mind Project's programs are focused on the arts, with photography as one of the main workshops; children receive disposable cameras and are taught the basics of photography as they explore their own environment and register their life in a medium often more powerful that what they are able to express with words

Mike currently serves as the Chairperson for the elastic mind project, and continues to travel around the globe educating and teaching seminars in what he loves to do the most.

It is to see that the mankind’s greatest economic assets are not our factories or stock markets but our children and in our great rush forward they are, it seems the one thing we have forgotten
— Mike Butler

Partial Client List

Marriott International
Francis Ford Coopola
Zyscovich Architects
Callison RTKL
Allied Steel international
Intercontinental Hotels
Francis Ford Coppola Blancaneaux
Coastal Times