Fine art prints by photographer Mike Butler. Frisco Mine Utah, Animas Forks Colorado, Crystal Mill Colorado, Ryolite Nv.
Mike Butler Residential Architectural Photo
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Bee Hive Kiln Frisco Mine Utah

Bee Hive Kiln Frisco Mine Utah

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Image of one single bee hive kiln in Frisco Utah. This image was shot at night with the full moon just coming up behind the kiln.

With a one day window we had just enough time to drive to and photograph the Frisco Mine which lay hundreds of miles from any major city. Frisco Mine was founded in the late 1800s, once a boom town with 6000 residences, 23 saloons and 2 murders a night now stands abandoned and with each passing year, closer to oblivion.

Watch the behind the scenes of this project:

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Printed on ultra smooth archival fine art paper with 1/2" white border unless requested otherwise.  Each print is custom printed at the time of order.