Personal Project for Mike Butler, Civil War, Ghost Town, Mining Town, Bogotá Colombia. Crystal Colorado, Stone House, Manassas Virgina, Battle of Bull Run, Ryolite NV, Silverton Co, Miami Photographer.
Mike Butler Residential Architectural Photo
Interior and exterior architectural imagery like nothing else in the industry.
Crystal MIlls Colorado


Light is all around us yet we rarely notice its presence.  And it is with this "invisible"  light which I have built the foundation of my work.  The projects on this page span many different subjects but what binds them together is light, the application of external lighting build around a commercial construct.  And as I began my career with the goal of merging art into the commercial world it is the opposite in my personal work; I strive to bring the commercial world in my art.  A duality which merges into a singularity of vision. 

Many of these images are avaliable for purchase in the prints section of my site.