Mike Butler Residential Architectural Photo
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Drone Photography & Video

Mike has been certified by the FAA to fly and use drones commercially. (Licence #4004701)  All buildings have that perfect angle, the one in which the structure really stands out.  I spend much of my time conducting intensive scouts to find just that perfect angle, but there are times when good enough will have to do, as there is no physical way to capture that perfect angle.  But with commercial drone capabilities we have yet another tool to capture that exact angle which highlights your structure perfectly.  


The History of Drone Technology

Photography as all sectors of our lives has been upended by the recent technological revolution.  For photographers it was the migration from traditional acetate film which had remained unchanged since photography's inception to a brand new field of digital capture.  Digital encoding of information has lead to many new avenues of upheavals the most recent of which is drone photography.  Drones or unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) themselves have become so inexpensive and easy to use they are now in common use among the public.  This wide dissemination of UAS technology married with digital capture has lead to a host of regulatory issues, one of which is how to regulate the commercial use of this technology.

Lucky in late 2016 the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) codified a set of regulations pertaining to the use of commercial UAS technology.  The regulations are referred to as Part 107 cover all the aspects of UAS flight integrated with FAA rules and regulations many of which overlap with standard visual flight rules (VFR) which pertain to private pilots.  To obtain a UAS licence one must take and pass a stringent FAA written exam covering such topics as in flight safety, VFR charts, metrology and regulations to name a few.

To stay abreast and bring his clients a full suite of services Mike has taken and passed this stringent test, becoming a fully certified small UAS pilot.  Beyond thoroughly understanding the guidelines surrounding UAS flight Mike brings his years of pilot private pilot study to bear during each UAS flight. He has a strict set of checklists and guidelines which are followed on each flight to ensure the safety of crew and the pubilic.